Looking Out amplifies the impact of music by empowering those without a voice. From neighborhood to nation, we help fund causes and organizations that often go unnoticed. Founded in 2008 by Grammy-nominated artists Brandi Carlile, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, we band together with fans, nonprofits, and corporations to translate voices of song to voices of action. Find out more.

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We believe in the power of expression through art and support organizations that allow creative spirits to thrive.


We provide funding to organizations that work to improve their communities, no matter how big or small they may be.


We work relentlessly in fighting for gender equality and fund programs that empower women globally.


We advocate for and fund programs that educate and inform so that everyone can make better decisions for their lives and for the planet.


We support organizations that deliver direct care and services to the people who need it most, and who are often overlooked.


We combat social injustices by backing organizations who are on the front lines of the resistance to inequality.

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    Meet Agnes , Age 13

    Uganda "They told me if I do not kill that person, they will kill me."… ;  It's almost impossible for us to understand what she has been through  Agnes' childhood may have been taken from her but her future is a different story.  
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    Meet Abdulmajid, Age 15

    Syria “The night before we fled, a plane attacked our neighborhood. It was very dark. We were all hiding. The noise was very loud so I stayed awake. We all stayed flat on the floor for hours.” The next morning Abdulmajid’s parents and their 10 children fled their family home. His school was destroyed on the same day. “We didn’t take anything. There was no time. On the road I saw houses in rubble and burned out cars. I saw massacres, people and children, killed without any reason.” He pauses, thinks and then whispers:
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    Bid now to win 2 tickets and a meet & greet with Brandi! All proceeds go to the Looking Out Foundation.

    Attend Soundcheck & Meet Brandi Carlile With 2 Tickets To A 2016 Headlining Show Of Your Choice! Bid now to attend soundcheck and meet Brandi Carlile and The Twins at a 2016 headlining show of your choice. For tour dates click HERE. This experience  includes: 2 Artist allotment tickets. 2 VIP Tour Laminates. 2 Exclusive Brandi Carlile Summer Tour Merchandise Items. 2 Autographed Tour Posters.   All proceeds will benefit the Looking Out Foundation. Help us make music mean more.
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    A message from Brandi

    I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to post about the shows coming up in North Carolina and my feelings on the subject.I even want to thank the people who disagree with me and took the time to show up and voice their perspective.It's discussions like these that make me believe we are making progress as fellow human beings and that we will move past this legislation and the similar laws being passed in other states around the U.S.  In solidarity with the North Carolina LGBTQ our Looking Out Foundation will be donating proceeds from these shows to The ACLU Foundation of North Carolina, as well as inviting several grassroots organizations to be a part of the evening.Freedom to practice one's religion shouldn't grant them the right to exclude and humiliate a person morally or legally. From what I understand of the faith I know - service is never in conflict with the gospel.Again thank you for participating in the discussion.God bless and keep,xobc  #makemusicmeanmore
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    Message from Brandi - Bruce Springsteen and North Carolina

    As I'm crossing over the state line into the beautiful state of Massachusetts where I was legally married to my wife four years ago - I'm contemplating Bruce Springsteen and North Carolina. Everywhere I've gone I'm being asked if I plan to cancel my shows. I should start by saying that I want to be Bruce Springsteen when I grow up. Bruce has decided on principal not to go through with his concert because of thinly veiled legislation having been passed that permits the discrimination of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters in NC. I deeply appreciate this, and I want to say on my own behalf thank you for doing what you're doing guys. These are massive shows and this is big business lost for NC. Bruce is not LGBTQ himself but is bravely defending those of us that are. This is how we've seen the progress that we've seen. As artists it's our responsibility to take cause against those who would oppress our brothers and sisters and defend them using whatever power we possess. Bruce is an artist, but on behalf of NC LGBTQ citizens, also is poignantly depriving NC of the big business his event would bring - well done. For very different reasons I have decided not to cancel my North Carolina shows. I'm a small artist, and I'm gay, many of my fans are gay as well. To cancel my shows in NC would further oppress my fans who are hurt by this legislation, who worked hard to suppress it, and who need a place where they can come together. That's why we intend to be in Wilkesboro, Charlotte, Asheville, and Greensboro this summer. We're going to come together, let our voices be heard, not stand down, and make a joyful noise in the face of this insult of a law. We all have a role to play here. Bruce is playing his beautifully and I respect him. In my own humble way though, I want to witness the protest through music. See you in NC my friends.  xobc * The Looking Out Foundation will donate its portion of the proceeds from Brandi's shows in Wilkesboro, Charlotte, Asheville, and Greensboro to the ACLU foundation of North Carolina.
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    Calling all Brandi Carlile fans, activists and likeminded changemakers…

    The Story Campaign is taking off on tour with Brandi Carlile this summer and we need volunteers! “All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am.” To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Brandi Carlile’s “The Story,” The Looking Out Foundation is partnering with War Child to launch The Story Campaign – a sharing of stories from children whose families, communities, and schools have been torn apart by war. But that’s just the beginning. “So many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am.” Every month, we will be posting new stories from these resilient individuals so that their voices can be heard and so that we can raise funds to help them and the thousands of other people who are unfairly impacted by war. All proceeds from The Story Campaign will benefit War Child to help in their efforts of supporting and protecting children and their families. “But these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to.” We’re relying on our Looking Out community to share these stories and help fundraise for these extraordinary people. We are recruiting two volunteers per show to join our Looking Out Street Team. You will be armed with iPads to sign people up and collection buckets to raise funds and awareness for The Story campaign. Selected Street Teamers will be provided with a ticket to Brandi’s show, a limited edition Street Team T-shirt and an amazing opportunity to help children in dire need across the globe. In addition, the Street Team who signs up the most people will win a VIP concert ticket package for any Brandi Carlile show in 2017. All we ask is that you are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspired by The Story campaign.
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