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    Meet Salma, Age 12, Syria

    Syria "I really enjoy learning maths and Arabic”, Salma said. “I made two friends, and I want to continue coming here. I love my teacher, and I want to become one myself in the future." 12-year-old Salma grew up in a village in southern Syria, living a peaceful, tranquil life with her friends and family until tragedy struck. She had barely more

“All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am.”

To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Brandi Carlile’s “The Story,” The Looking Out Foundation is partnering with War Child UK to launch The Story Campaign - a sharing of stories from children whose families, communities, and schools have been torn apart by war. 

“So many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am.”

Every month, we will be posting new stories from these resilient individuals so that their voices can be heard and so that we can raise funds to help them and the thousands of other people who are unfairly impacted by war. All proceeds from The Story Campaign will benefit War Child UK to help their efforts to support and protect children and their families.

“But these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to.”

We’re relying on our Looking Out community to share these stories and help fundraise for these extraordinary people.

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War Child provides life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. Find out more about their unique approach.

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We’ve launched a global campaign with War Child UK - The Story Campaign is a sharing of stories from children whose families, communities, and schools have been torn apart by war. We’ve raised more than $150,000 for War Child UK and we’re on a mission to hit the $1 million mark to help keep these children safe and equip them with skills for the future.

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