A message from Brandi

I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to post about the shows coming up in North Carolina and my feelings on the subject.

I even want to thank the people who disagree with me and took the time to show up and voice their perspective.

It's discussions like these that make me believe we are making progress as fellow human beings and that we will move past this legislation and the similar laws being passed in other states around the U.S. 

In solidarity with the North Carolina LGBTQ our Looking Out Foundation will be donating proceeds from these shows to The ACLU Foundation of North Carolina, as well as inviting several grassroots organizations to be a part of the evening.

Freedom to practice one's religion shouldn't grant them the right to exclude and humiliate a person morally or legally. From what I understand of the faith I know - service is never in conflict with the gospel.

Again thank you for participating in the discussion.

God bless and keep,