FtFC Summer Kids Classes

Class: Wednesday Aug 12:

2 - 3:30 pm for kids ages 5-8 (Grades K-3)

Location: The Feminist Karate Union, located at 1426 South Jackson Street, 3rd floor, Seattle WA 98144

Class description: Keep the magic of childhood safe in this low-key, friendly and age-appropriate class for girls and boys. Learn about risks facing your kids, how to frame the discussion with children, and recognizing when someone may be targeting your family.

Children will practice the 'five fingers' approach: think, yell, get free, run, and tell. In the first part of class your child will practice some basic safety rules and skills in a safe and non-scary way.  The second part of class is geared towards parent education: we will look at tactics that child molesters use to gain access to children through parents, and community resources available for your safety needs. Parents learn tools to continue the conversation, as well as to sort through all the information and misinformation on keeping their children safe.

A parent must attend with their child(ren).  Both parents are also welcome.

Sign up by emailing mailto:[email protected]