Hold Out Your Hand


Dear friends,


We wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who came out and supported our Hold Out Your Hand event in Nashville last Friday. 

To all the volunteers, sponsors, crew and venue staff; we know how much hard work goes into an event like this and we couldn't have done it without you. To the wonderful artists who lent us their time and talents and didn't hesitate to get involved; Sheryl Crow, Ruby Amanfu and Courtney Marie Andrews, you made this night so special and memorable for us.  And last but by no means least, we'd like to thank our guest speakers Rob Williams, Elisabeth Little and the incredible Michaela DePrince.  

We have been truly embraced by our Nashville community of supporters and friends and it was an honor to have the opportunity to share our work with Children in Conflict and War Child UK with you all. It is such a big part of who we are and what Brandi represents as an artist and activist.

We are incredibly proud to share that we raised over $250,000 towards our $1 million goal for The Story Campaign!  

None of this would have been possible without your generosity and support.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Catherine Carlile
Executive Director

Brandi Carlile




A note from Children in Conflict...

Dear Friends

We were so very honored to be part of Hold Out Your Hand and cannot thank you all enough for showing such openness, warmth and generosity at this wonderful event.  

We know that right now the world continues to experience some of the toughest humanitarian challenges it has ever faced. And we know that last year the gap between needs and provision grew.

With the continued support from the Looking Out Foundation and from the kindness shown at events like last week, we’re able to push through these many challenges and successfully impact the lives of children, helping them not only to survive but recover and build meaningful lives. When the news cameras begin to leave these affected communities and media interest fades, we will remain to assist children and their families as long as we are needed.

We thank you whole heartedly for making this critical work possible.

Children in Conflict


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