International Day Of The Girl

Deadline Extended Due to Overwhelming Need

This year, thousands of girls around the world have lost their voices, their innocence, the opportunity to hope for something better. Barriers like hunger, child marriage, trafficking, and little access to education stand in the way of countless girls around the world who long to make something of themselves. Think of all that wasted potential.

image.jpgGirls like Gertrude, whom you heard from recently. An orphan, Gertrude longs to stay in school so she can realize her dream of becoming a teacher, but wakes every day knowing that without a change, she faces a lifetime of working in the field instead. Your support would make a critical difference in the story of a girl like Gertrude.

And she is not alone. Monika, just 16 years old, is already a mother. She was forced to marry when she was 14 years old, and after her husband abused her to the point that she feared for her life, she fled. Her greatest wish is to help prevent other young girls from getting married too young. “My life is not what I hoped, but I can help others escape the same fate,” she said.

You can help, too! Though Plan International originally asked for help by October 30, their deadline has been extended due to overwhelming need. Now is the perfect time to give to help girls who need your support the most.

Your partnership today—whatever amount you can give— will go toward creating sustainable solutions that help girls like Gertrude and Monika receive the support they so desperately need and deserve. Make a donation to the Girl Fund today.