Meet William, Age 18, Uganda


"Before my training, I had only dreamt of learning the skills that could give me hope for my future. Being like this (disabled) means there wasn't much for me to do in the village that could contribute to my family. I couldn't even afford a bar of soap." - William

Until a few years ago, William had never used a computer. Now he's teaching IT skills to other people in his community. Like most young people in Pader, Northern Uganda, William had his education completely disrupted by the decade-long conflict. Millions of people were forced to flee their homes and spent years living in displacement camps that didn't have proper school facilities. For William it was particularly tough as he has Polio. He couldn't find work and had spent his whole life having to rely on other people.

But with your help War Child has been giving people like William a second chance at getting an education. It gives him and young adults like him the power to change their own lives. War Child helped some children in William's community go back to school, and for the older ones they've provided an accelerated learning programme to help them get their Secondary School certificate, and then vocational training courses with business start-up grants. William and his friends, Betty and Samson enrolled on the IT course. Then they set up their own company that does printing & scanning for local businesses and teaches people how to use a computer. It earns William an income, and it’s helping the whole community to get connected.

My father can't believe that his son is teaching others how to use computers!” - William

It’s amazing how his life has turned around, and how a simple training course can give someone the sense of pride and self-respect that transforms the way everybody thinks of them - and how they see themselves. War Child is not here for a quick fix or a handout. They are passionate about sustainable, long-term development that helps whole communities get back on their feet.

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