Self-Defense workshops for Teen Girls


We are offering free Self-Defense workshops for Teen Girls.

Classes for younger teens (about ages 11-14) tend to fit girls who:

⁃ can now be left home alone or with younger siblings

⁃ are learning to babysit

⁃ are walking with another friend, or by herself, to a nearby park or home

⁃ are riding transit with a friend, or by herself

⁃ her main safety concern is being kidnapped by a stranger


June 23, Tuesday, 11 am - 2 pm

Location: The Feminist Karate Union, located at 1426 South Jackson Street, 3rd floor, Seattle WA 98144

Email [email protected] to register. Pre-registration is required.

*Inclusive to transgender, non-binary, gender-fluid, or who identify in any way as female.