WhyHunger-300x300.pngLooking Out for the Hungry. A partnership with Brandi Carlile and WhyHunger…

Brandi Carlile joined WhyHunger’s Artists Against Hunger & Poverty campaign in 2013. Artists Against Hunger & Poverty enlists performing artists to raise funds and awareness for the most innovative and effective community-based organizations fighting hunger and poverty on the frontlines in cities, towns and villages all across the world. WhyHunger offers artists, the artist community and the music industry an opportunity to take a stand by using their voices and resources effectively – doing what they already do so well. Through music we can all make a difference in the world.

The Looking Out for the Hungry Campaign launched on October 11th 2013, spotlighting the Women and Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen on the first stop in Spokane on Brandi Carlile’s Bear Creek fall tour. The Looking Out for the Hungry Campaign served over 68,384 meals to food banks and grassroots partners across the United States.