2024 New Year Campaign

No child should be part of war. Ever.

Please support our end of year appeal in collaboration with Children in Conflict.

$2 from every Brandi Carlile concert ticket is donated to LOF. This enables our volunteer coalition to galvanize our community through the power of live music to raise funds for our campaigns and biannual grant funding cycles.

Since 2017, we have donated $1.35m to Children in Conflict. Our founder Brandi Carlile has been a proud Global Ambassador for them since that same year.

Children in Conflict exists to create a world in which no child's life is torn apart by war. Whether that’s in Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Central African Republic or other conflict zones where children are witnessing incomprehensible violence and trauma.

What CiC are doing:

When war breaks out across the globe, Children in Conflict - which is part of the War Child Alliance - is one of the first to arrive and last to leave.

They provide critical support such as psychosocial care for victims and aid workers; education even as war continues; winter kits, food parcels, and other vital services and resources.


Gaza is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child.

CiC and their partners were able to deliver 1000 winter kits to children in the occupied Palestinian territory during the recent humanitarian pause.

Food and psychological first aid was also provided.

But there is still so much more practical work to be done in the region.

Which is why we are relaunching our Children in Conflict Campaign.

Please stand with us, for every child, for a future free from war.

Your donation will help:

Deliver lifesaving aid: Food, blankets, medical supplies, and trauma support
to children across conflict zones.

Shield them from harm: Build safe havens and provide psychosocial support to help children heal and rebuild their lives.

Empower their future: Education resources will give children the tools to rebuild their communities and dream of a brighter tomorrow.

LOF will double all donations up to $100,000.


$24 can make music mean more in 2024.



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