Looking Out amplifies the impact of music by empowering those without a voice. From neighborhood to nation, we help fund causes and organizations that often go unnoticed. Founded in 2008 by multiple Grammy winning artists Brandi Carlile, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, we band together with fans, nonprofits, and corporations to translate voices of song to voices of action. Find out more.

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We believe in the power of expression through art and support organizations that allow creative spirits to thrive.


We provide funding to organizations that work to improve their communities, no matter how big or small they may be.


We work relentlessly in fighting for gender equality and fund programs that empower women globally.


We advocate for and fund programs that educate and inform so that everyone can make better decisions for their lives and for the planet.


We support organizations that deliver direct care and services to the people who need it most, and who are often overlooked.


We combat social injustices by backing organizations who are on the front lines of the resistance to inequality.

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      AFGHANISTAN: ORGANISATIONS & GOFUNDME PAGES TO SUPPORT IN THIS TIME OF URGENCY.   The following GoFundMe campaigns are vetted and approved by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) and directly support at-risk Afghan women.  Children in Conflict is providing the children of Afghanistan food, hygiene kits, and psychological first aid.   Support humanitarian aid to internally displaced women and their families. Contribute to this GoFundMe campaign.   Support safe houses that are protecting women in Afghanistan targeted by the Taliban. Contribute to this GoFundMe campaign.   Afghan Aid is responding with emergency assistance where needed and supporting families who have lost their homes and livelihoods as a result of the conflict.   Islamic relief: Afghanistan is assisting families forced to flee their homes as Afghanistan sits on the brink of famine. This June, Afghanistan officially fell into drought, making rough conditions even worse.   The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has launched a campaign to provide lifesaving aid, provide emergency cash assistance and protection services for internally displaced people in Kabul.   USA for UNHCR is focusing on support to those fleeing as there are already 550,000 displaced Afghans this year even before these past few weeks.   Afghan Women and Children and Jalala foundation have teamed up to protect women and children fighting to survive following decades of war   Enabled Children Initiative runs Window of Hope private care home in Kabul, which provides care to Afghan children and youths with disabilities from around the country. Direct aid.   Turquoise Mountain Trust has worked in Afghanistan for over 15 years to provide a vocational training institute and primary schools, and thousands of families that visit our health clinic.   Urgent Crisis Relief for Afghanistan 2021 is supporting the families of those putting their lives at risk and fighting for Afghanistan and displaced families.   Support to Families Displaced by Taliban Violence is helping families experiencing extreme food insecurity, lack of access to clean water, and other necessities.   Crisis in Afghanistan assists the work of Afghan Learning Academy, Afghan Learning Academy, who have been providing food, shelter, blankets, tents and other first aid essentials to the newly displaced families.   Emergency Aid for Victims of the Taliban Attacks Helps Baba Mazari Foundation (BMF), who partnered with World Hazara Council, Hazara international and Hazara Committee in UK to provide emergency aid to the victims of the Taliban onslaught in different parts of Afghanistan. The money will be used to provide food and direct monetary support for these displaced families.   Rukshana Media is a journalism group staffed by Afghan women reporting on the crisis on the ground. They are asking for money to continue paying their staff as the crisis develops.   Sanitary Products for Displaced Afghan Women is providing period equipment to women and girls on the streets of Kabul without any access to menstrual products.   Afghanistan: A Call For Urgent Help is providing clean drinking water, shelter, clothing, food and basic hygiene products to families in association with the Rashid Khan’s Foundation, Srow Zar Children, and the Afghan Cricket Association.            
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    Ways to help India Amid the Covid Crisis

        India’s coronavirus is the worst since the pandemic beganOfficial estimates of the nationwide infection toll — well above 300,000 a day — are probably undercounted, epidemiologists say. The reported figure will mostly likely rise to 500,000 cases a day by August, they say, leaving as many as one million of India’s 1.4 billion people dead from Covid-19.Please join the Looking Out Foundation in supporting the following local organizations on the ground in India who are helping the country’s Covid victims and frontline workers: The Indian Red Cross Society Youth Feed India  Ketto India Org
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    LOF Donates over $100K to grassroots orgs supporting marginalized, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & disabled artists

    The Looking Out Foundation is proud to announce that we will be donating over $100k to The Rainey Day Fund, the Color Me Country Radio Artist Grant Fund and Fanny's School Of MusicThese grassroots organizations are helping to support marginalized BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disabled artists and underrepresented voices of BIPOC artists in country music. In addition to providing funding for music education, music therapy and community programs.This last year has been particularly challenging for artists, so please join us in supporting these incredible organizations and help us continue to make music mean more!Special thanks to CMT Equal Play & our dear friend Fiona Prine.And enormous thanks to our Founder @brandicarlile for always using her platform to help others.
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    Thanks to YOU - our friends, supporters and generous donors, our Covid-19 Relief Program is back! The Looking Out Foundation set up an emergency response fund to support the most vulnerable and at risk communities who are continuing to be affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  You can now apply for individual & family grants. Click here to apply for assistance
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    Where To Donate To Help People In Need During Texas' Blackout Crisis

    Texas is currently facing an unprecedented blackout crisis, leaving nearly three million people without electricity during the state’s biggest ice storm in years.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Boil water notices have been issued to residents of Houston and Austin, warning them to heat their water due to possible contamination from broken pipes, low water pressure, and offline treatment plants. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Without access to power, and with roads across the state blocked off due to snow, Texans are relying on local assistance and help from their neighbors now more than ever. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Here are five mutual aid groups in Texas that are assisting in the ongoing blackout relief — and that are currently accepting donations.⁠⠀ Click here to donate and find out more.
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