Israel-Gaza Attacks

Israel-Gaza Attacks: Our Response


The escalation of abhorrent violence across Israel and Gaza in recent days has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries.

After careful vetting, we have selected two organizations that need our support.

We will be sending $100,000 to the New Israel Fund and the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA).


The US-based New Israel Fund (NIF) supports organizations in Israel advocating for the advancement of democracy, gender equality, anti-racism, religious freedom, human rights, LGBTQ+ equality, and more.

They are providing emergency assistance in Israel now through basic care for the most vulnerable groups, combating violent speech and incitement online, preventing inter-communal violence in mixed cities and trauma support.


MECA, a Palestinian refugee-led nonprofit, supports children and families in Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon with humanitarian aid like clean water, trauma therapy, food and medical supplies. With a focus on empowering women and helping children and refugees during conflicts, MECA, along with local partners, is in Gaza now providing urgent support.

The Looking Out Foundation was founded in 2008 by Brandi Carlile, Phil Hanseroth and Tim Hanseroth. Since then, LOF has donated over $6 million to social justice and humanitarian causes across the US and globally.

Catherine Carlile is our Executive Director.


Visit for other ways to support and to learn more.

If you are feeling increased anxiety, grief and shock due to the recent devastation, text share to 741741 to connect to a live volunteer crisis counsellor @crisistextline