Happy Birthday Brandi!

June 1st marks an extraordinary day in the LOF calendar! It is, of course, the start of Pride Month - a time of celebration, reflection, protest and so much more for LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide. 🏳️‍🌈

Since last year's Pride month, your incredibly generous donations have allowed us to contribute over $700,000 to organizations that focus on supporting LGBTQIA+ causes throughout the country. As we honor love in all its beautiful forms, we remain acutely aware of the ongoing struggles faced by our communities worldwide. Your donations have helped with healthcare, housing, advocacy, legal fees, community development and so much more.

At LOF, we strive to create a brighter future for our queer sisters and brothers, and with your support, we are turning that vision into reality! 🌍❤️

But that's not all! Today is also a momentous occasion as we celebrate the birthday of our phenomenal founder, @brandicarlile! Brandi serves as a constant source of inspiration and support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Happy birthday, Brandi! You are an absolute treasure to each and every one of us! 🎉

Let’s celebrate Pride and Brandi’s birthday together! In honor of her 42 years, we’re asking you to donate $42, which we will then double and distribute to The Trevor Project.

Whatever amount you are able to give, we - and the LGBTQIA+ communities we want to serve - truly appreciate your support!

Together, we are making music mean more 🌈



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