Fight the Fear Campaign

A community orientated violence prevention initiative…

Because you’re worth defending.

Fight the Fear Campaign (FtFC) is a community oriented violence-prevention initiative. FtFC provides training in basic self defense skills including awareness, de-escalation, boundary setting, assertive communication, and fighting techniques-as well as access to resources for survivors of violence or abuse. Founded by and completely funded for several years by the Looking Out Foundation, FtFC is now an independent entity. The goal of FtFC is to make self defense available to as many people as possible.

The Mission: To make self defense training easily accessible because the skills and confidence that it builds are a proven deterrent to violence.

The Method: Our classes are run by experienced self defense instructors who provide the most up to date and useful training, tailoring each workshop to serve the specific, focused needs of different populations.

The Campaign: We are currently providing frequent and diverse free workshops geared toward specific and various populations throughout our community.

For information on events please contact, visit our website or Facebook.